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DATA [Data Analyst Team Assistant], is no ordinary chatbot. It is a unique assistant with an expertise in data analytics and reporting that listens, understands and responds with business insight that empowers decisions makers.

As its name suggests, DATA is a team assistant, developed to work as part of a team, alongside it’s human counterparts supporting them in data retrieval and analysis.

DATA is the perfect solution and a fully automated self serve analytics platform, that acts as a last-mile application to all your reporting needs. It’s powerful and simple interactions means DATA can be used by marketers, analysts and business decision makers to distribute insight across the organization.

With DATA now available as an App in Slack, you and your team can now easily access your analytics data by asking simple questions. You already work together in Slack, now you can get your analytics delivered in Slack too! Just as nature intended.

DATA is a paid for service and requires an Analytics Intelligence account to be set up first, to get more info about us please visit If you already have a myDATA account with Analytics Intelligence and a Slack account then you should be able to download the myDATA app and connect to your myDATA account.  

For a trial plan please email [email protected].

For support please email [email protected].

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